2003: Photo - Dana Piper

Architecture - the camp is made of four domes. The domes are connected via tunnels. The womb is a 40' dome, and the other three domes are 20' each. All domes are designed using the PassionDome archetype.

Art - the tapestry, decore, and multimedia art that creates the PASSION ambience. The walls and ceilings feature passionate art, and multimedia art is projected on a large screen in the Womb. The Tantra Dome features sensual and erotic art.

Healing - PASSION Temple Healers are present to provide healing support to journeying guests. At the Smudge area there's a healer that greets visitors, help with the smudging, provide guidance, and bestows healing energy on guests before entering the Womb. At the entrance to the Tantra Dome there's a healer to provide assistance and ensuring that only couples enter that sanctuary. At the entrance to the Journey Dome a healer provides blindfolds, and inside the Journey Dome a healer provides assistance to guests. In addition, there are healers within the Womb area, providing nurturing, bodywork, emotional and spiritual support.